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Stretch marks are really common on people of all ages and genders. They’re particularly common in women because of the stress and strain of the changes that go through their bodies. Pregnancy has a great impact on a woman’s body and that includes stretch marks.

Stretch marks themselves are caused by these strains and stresses placed on the body. Normally as your body grows your skin grows too. Occasionally growth can be sudden and unexpected and your skin isn’t able to keep up. To compensate, your skin stretches and the proteins become damaged.

These proteins are used to keep your skin’s elasticity and without it the layers of skin separate. Blood vessels in between the layers become damaged and exposed, this gives the look and feel of a scar over the affected area. Stretch marks generally begin red or purple but over time will turn silver or white and fade.

Stretch Marks and your Boobs

Breasts can change size a fair few times during your lifetime. The most obvious reason is for pregnancy where they naturally grow bigger. Weight gain can also see your breasts go up a few cup sizes. Certain birth control pills can also have a dramatic effect on the size of your breasts.

As your breasts return to their normal size, either after pregnancy or after weight loss, you’ll see the stretch marks on the skin. While these generally aren’t sore or painful they can be quite prominent and can be very frustrating. It can also make you embarrassed to wear anything too revealing or even a bikini at the beach.

Removing Stretch Marks from your Boobs

Stretch marks are actually remarkably common. Over 70% of women will have stretch marks at some point in our lives, especially as they go through the natural changes of puberty or the stages of pregnancy. Despite stretch marks being so common and often occurring on the breasts It can really harm your self esteem.

Fortunately there are treatments for reducing and removing stretch marks which are specially designed to let you get back to normal.

Stretch mark removal creams are normally your first port of call. These creams, oils and gels are very popular and some people have reported fast results by using them. These are often used because they are the cheapest option out there and are readily available from many shops.

Specialized laser treatments have become another common treatment to help with stretch marks. Targeted lasers are used on the disrupted blood vessels to help them disperse. This reduces the redness and makes the stretch marks a lot less prominent. Over time with continued treatment you can see some impressive results.

Another popular option involves skin peels. Skin peel treatments are used to improve the general health of the skin and rebuild the proteins. This helps reduce the stretch marks and make them less noticeable.

There are a number of treatments to help with stretch marks. Check out the full list of ways to help remove stretch marks on your chest.